Meals to order

02/05/2018 14:41


(it is necessary to calculate from 20 to 40 minutes for cooking minimally because we use fresh ingredients)

You may to ask by weitress for contents allergy raw-materials.  


  Meals to order


S o u p s:

Garlic soup                                                                                 55,-Kč

(with egg and cheese, bread croutons)

Broccoli cream soup                                                                  59,-Kč

Mushroom cream soup                                                              59,-Kč

Soup of daily menu    250ml                                                       39,-Kč

H o t  m e a l s:

Garlic toast with egg sprinkled with cheese                            99,-Kč

(you can have tofu or smakoun – without lactose)

Toast with pikant soya, vegetables with cheese                     115,-Kč

(you can have tofu or smakoun – without lactose)

Brie of grille  120g                                                                      119,-Kč

(spiced Hermelín – Czech cheese similar to 

Camembert with onion au gratin – without gluten)

Vegeburger with tofu burger                                                     99,-Kč

Cheeseburger wit tofu burger                                                  119,-Kč

Fried cheese                                                                               99,-Kč

Fried smell Brie                                                                          99,-Kč

Vegetable risotto                                                                       139,-Kč

(rice, vegetables, cheese – without gluten /with tofu for vegans/)

Soya Kung pao                                                                          149,-Kč

(soya meat, vegetables, pumpkin and sunflower seeds,)

Dahl from red lentils and spinach                                            139,-Kč

Masala with tofu and tomatoes                                                 149,-Kč

Masla with tempeh and vegetables                                          159,-Kč

Buckwheat pancakes with cheese and spinach                      159,-Kč

( you can have tofu = a kind of soya cheese) 

 (without gluten and lactose for vegans too)          

Griled colores vegetables with cheese 300g                           125,-Kč

Potato pancake with Brie                                                          129,-Kč

Potato pancake with smell Brie                                               125,-Kč

Pancakes with jam or honey, whipped cream 2pieces            99,-Kč

Cottage cheese dumplings with fruit, butter, 

sugar and whipped cream                                                         119,-Kč

Tofu dumplings with fruit, flaxy oil, sugar and carob             135,-Kč

( without gluten, for vegans too)



(You can replace cheese with tofu)

1. Whole wheat spaghetti with hot pepper, olives and

 tomatoes and cheese                                                                            169,-Kč 

(Tomatoes, basil, parmesan cheese)250g                                    


2. Corn pasta with mushrooms and soya cream                    167,-Kč

(mushrooms, soya cream, cheese) 300g


5. Tagliatelle with spinach and cheese                                    139,-Kč

(pasta, spinach, cheese, basil)



Salads big:

Vegetables plate with grilles Tofu (400g)                                    149,-Kč


Vegetables plate with grilles Tempeh (400g),                              169,-Kč


Vegetable plate with mozzarella and chia ( 450g)                       149,-Kč



Pizza – italy recipe , 30cm


1. Margherita                                                                                    109,-Kč

(Tomatous, cheese mozzarella)

2. Funghi                                                                                           133,-Kč

(tomatous, cheese mozzarella, mashrooms)

3. Veganka ( tomatous, tofu, peas, onion, pepepre, maise)              159,-Kč

4. Spinachi ( tomatous, mozzarella, spinach, egs, garlic)                 145,-Kč

5. Qautro formaggi( tomatous, mozzarella, niva, eidam, parmazan) 169,-Kč

6. Pizza bread with garlic     and rosemary                                       65,-Kč

7. Ingrediens onion or garlic                                                              10,-Kč

8. Ingredients vegetables     100g                                                      25,-Kč

9. Ingredients ( cheese, tofu ,niva, balkan, ,..)     100g                        49,-Kč

10. Ingrediens special ( tempeh, vegisalami)   100g                           59,-Kč

11. Plate pizza gluten free diet                                                            45,-Kč



S a l a d s litl:

Vegetable garnish                 (100g)                                         55,-Kč

Tomato salad with onion      (120g)                                         55,-Kč

Balkan salad (chopped tomato, cucumber, pepper, 

Balkan cheese) ( 200g)                                                             79,-Kč

- (you can have tofu or šmakoun,or tavenýr = a kind of soya cheese)


S e a s o n e d  s a u c e s: 

Tartar sauce              50g                                                           29,-Kč

Ketchup                     50g                                                           19,-Kč

“Devil” sauce             50g                                                          35,-Kč 

(ketchup, tartar sauce, chillies)

Homes tofu sause 50g                                                               45,-Kč

(without gluten and lactose for vegans too)


S i d e  d i s h e s:


Boiled rice                                                                                  45,-Kč

(200g) (without gluten)

Boiled potatoes                                                                         45,-Kč

(200g) (without gluten)

Roasted potatoes                                                                      49,-Kč

(200g) (without gluten)

French fried potatoes ( 200g)                                                    49,-Kč

French fried celery  (200g)                                                         59,-Kč

Bread 1 slices                                                                             10,-Kč