Meals to order

02/05/2018 14:41

Meals to order


(it is necessary to calculate on 30 minutes for cooking minimally because we use fresh ingredients)

You may to ask by weitress for contents allergy raw-materials.  


  Meals to order

(it is necessary to calculate from 15 to  30 minutes for cooking minimally because we use fresh ingredients)

You may to ask by weitress for contents allergy raw-materials.

S o u p s:

Garlic soup                                                                                45,-Kč

(with egg and cheese, bread croutons)

Broccoli cream soup                                                                 45,-Kč

Mushroom cream soup                                                            45,-Kč

Soup of daily menu                                                                   21,-Kč

H o t  m e a l s:

Garlic toast with egg sprinkled with cheese                           85,-Kč

(you can have tofu or smakoun – without lactose)

Toast with pikant soya, vegetables with cheese                    95,-Kč

(you can have tofu or smakoun – without lactose)

Brie of grille  120g                                                                     89,-Kč

(spiced Hermelín – Czech cheese similar to Camembert with onion au gratin – without gluten)

Vegeburger with tofu burger                                                    89,-Kč

Cheeseburger wit tofu burger                                                  95,-Kč

Brots fried with garlic dip   200g                                             69,-Kč

Brots fried with tofu garlic dip 200g                                       69,-Kč    

Fried cheese                                                                             83,-Kč

Fried smell Brie                                                                        89,-Kč

Fried Brie                                                                                  95,-Kč

Bramborizza                                                                              99,-Kč

(potatoes, egg, cheese and vegetables – without gluten)

Vegetable risotto                                                                      119,-Kč

(rice, vegetables, cheese – without gluten /with tofu for vegans/)

Couscous with vegetables in curry powder and a teaspoon of cream   121,-Kč

(you can have soya cream or tartar sauce -)

Soya Kung pao                                                                         119,-Kč 

(soya meat, vegetables, pumpkin and sunflower seeds,)

Fit Schnitzel   110g                                                                    79,-Kč

(delicacy with taste of chicken, made from  soya )        

Kuku schnitzel 150g ( from tofu and gluten)                             99,-Kč                                         

Dahl from red lentils and spinach                                           117,-Kč

Masala with tofu and tomatoes                                               119,-Kč

Buckwheat pancakes with cheese and spinach                    129,-Kč

( you can have tofu = a kind of soya cheese) 

 (without gluten and lactose for vegans too)      

Potato dumplings with mushroom sauce and cream          129,-Kč   


Cheese fondue with pieces of bread and vegetables           129,-Kč


Griled courgette  with garlic and herbs     and cheese       103,-Kč

Griled colores vegetables with cheese                                113,-Kč

Potato pancake with Brie                                                       119,-Kč

Potato pancake with smell Brie                                             115,-Kč

Pancakes with jam or honey, whipped cream                       85,-Kč

Cottage cheese dumplings with fruit, butter, sugar and whipped cream    99,-Kč

Tofu dumplings with fruit, flaxy oil, sugar and carob             103,-Kč

( without gluten, for vegans too)

Potato dumplings with sugar, butter and poppy                   99,-Kč  

(300g)( oil for vegans)



(You can replace cheese with tofu)


1. Spaghetti with hot peppers and olives                               119,-Kč

(parmesan cheese, tomatoes, hot peppers ,olives, garlic,)250g


2. Whole wheat spaghetti with tomatoes and basil               129,-Kč

(Tomatoes, basil, parmesan cheese)250g


3. Corn pasta with mushrooms and soya cream                  135,-Kč

(mushrooms, soya cream, cheese) 300g


4.Tagliatelle with cream, cheese and mandeln                     139,-Kč

(pasta, cream, cheese, mandeln, basil)

5. Tagliatelle with spinach and cheese                                  129,-Kč

(pasta, spinach, cheese, basil)

6. Tortelloni with spinach and cheese, cream sause and  parmesan

( pasta with spinach and cheese, cream)                                  127,-Kč                    


Salads big:

Vegetables plate with grilles Tofu (400g)                               119,-Kč


Vegetables plate with grilles Tempeh (400g),                       139,-Kč


Vegetables plate with  Fit schnitzel(400g)                             129,-Kč

Vegetable plate with mozzarella and chia ( 450g)                 119,-Kč



Pizza – italy recipe


1. Margherita                                                                                 99,-Kč

(Tomatous, cheese mozzarella)

2. Funghi                                                                                      113,-Kč

(tomatous, cheese mozzarella, mashrooms)

3. Salami ( tomatous, mozzarella, veget-salami)                          135,-Kč

4. Vegetariana ( tomatous, mozzarella, peas,onion,pepper, maise 120,-Kč

5. Veganka ( tomatous, tofu, peas, onion, pepepre, maise)            129,-Kč

6. Spinachi ( tomatous, mozzarella, spinach, egs, garlic)               129,-Kč

7. Qautro formaggi( tomatous, mozzarella, niva, eidam, parmazan)149,-Kč

8. Pizza bread with garlic                                                                49,-Kč

9. Pizza bread with rosemary                                                         49,-Kč

10. Pizza bread with niva cheese                                                   55,-Kč

11. Ingrediens onion or garlic                                                        5,-Kč

11. Ingredients vegetables                                                            20,-Kč

12. Ingredients ( cheese, tofu ,niva, balkan, ,..)                             40,-Kč

13. Ingrediens special ( tempeh, vegisalami)                                45,-Kč

14. Plate pizza gluten free diet                                                      35,-Kč


S a l a d s litl:

Vegetable garnish                 (100g)                                         35,-Kč

Carrot salad                          (120g)                                         45,-Kč

Celery salad with pepper     (120g)                                          45,-Kč   

Tomato salad with onion     (120g)                                         47,-Kč

Balkan salad (chopped tomato, cucumber, pepper, Balkan cheese)

( 200g)                                                                                      64,-Kč

- (you can have tofu or šmakoun,or tavenýr = a kind of soya cheese)


S e a s o n e d  s a u c e s: 

Tartar sauce              50g                                                          25,-Kč

Ketchup                     50g                                                          17,-Kč

“Devil” sauce             50g                                                          25,-Kč (ketchup, tartar sauce, chillies)

Homes tofu sause 50g                                                               30,-Kč

(without gluten and lactose for vegans too)


S i d e  d i s h e s:


Boiled rice                                                                                  31,-Kč

(200g) (without gluten)

Boiled potatoes                                                                         33,-Kč

(200g) (without gluten)

Roasted potatoes                                                                      37,-Kč

(200g) (without gluten)

French fried potatoes ( 200g)                                                 37,-Kč

French fried celery  (200g)                                                      49,-Kč

Couscous       (200g)                                                                45,-Kč

Buckwheat                                                                                49,-Kč

(200g) (without gluten)

Tortilla (pancake) ( 150g)                                                        35,-Kč

Toast  (2 slices)                                                                         19,-Kč

Bread (2 slices)                                                                         10,-Kč

Cheese 50g                                                                               15,-Kč