List of drinks

02/05/2018 14:41

List of drinks

You may to ask by weitress for contents allergy raw-materials.


Hot drinks:

Tea                                                                                             35,-Kč

(black, fruit)

Tea loose                                                                                   45,-Kč

(ginger with cinnamon, lemon grass, mint, rooibos,green, mathe.

Nescafé                                                                                      31,-Kč

Ayurveda coffee                                                                       35,-Kč

Wiener coffee                                                                           45,-Kč

Ice coffee with whipped cream                                               45,-Kč

Ice coffee with ice cream and whipped cream                       57,-Kč

Ayurveda ice coffee whipped cream                                      49,-Kč

Espresso large 60ml                                                                 35,-Kč

Espresso piccolo 30ml                                                              35,-Kč

Cofee with reishi       ( reishi is mushroom, antioxidants)          49,-Kč

Cofee with reishi and vegetables cream                                 49,-Kč

Maca with reishi cream                                                             55,-Kč

Espresso macchiato                                                                  45,-Kč

Espresso macchiato with vegetables milk                              49,-Kč

Latte Matcha ( green Matcha tea-energi and detox)                   55,-Kč

Cappuccino                                                                               45,-Kč

Green coffe with witloof                                                          45,-Kč

Hot Italian chocolate                                                                53,-Kč

Hot Fruits punch                                                                      45,-Kč

( from 100% juise with punches spice)

Milk 3,5%                                                                                  7,-Kč

Vegetables milk                                                                       12,-Kč

Whipped cream                                                                       10,-Kč

Honey                                                                                        6,-Kč


Cold drinks:  It is possible to add ice to each drink on request


Water ( 0,5l)                                                                               20,-Kč

Eis tea with lemon( 0,5l)                                                           45,-Kč

Fresh fruit lemonade (0,5l)                                                      39,-Kč

Ginger lemonade with lime (0,5l)                                            45,-Kč

Rakytnik juice(0,25l)                                                                 33,-Kč

Mineral water Soluky with minerals Ca,I,K,F,Fe,I…             25,-Kč


Juice 100% Louny 250ml                                                       35,-Kč

Non-alcoholic beer: 0,5l                                                           23,-Kč

Non alcoholic bear with fruit (0,5l)                                         27,-Kč

New barley with green wheat /0,2l                                         39,-Kč

Kombucha                                                                                45,-Kč

(green tea, rosehip tea /0,5l/

Fresh vegetable juice                                                                47,-Kč

(beetroot, carrot and celeriac /0,2l/ or tomatoes, cucumber,...

Fresh fruit juice                                                                        49,-Kč

(apple, orange, seasonal fruit for example melon, strawberries, pear, /0,2l/)

Matcha tea with lime and grapefruit 0,33l                             39,-Kč

matcha tea with lime 0,33l                                                       39,-Kč

Non-alcoholic wine                                                                 239,-Kč

(of your choice  /0,75l/)


Mixes cocktails fresh- for health

Mojito                                                                                        59,-Kč

(lime, melon, strawberry)

Gojito ( mojito with goji juice)                                                69,-Kč

Cocos koktejl                                                                            59,-Kč

Ginger lemonade with lime 0,5l                                              59,-Kč

Fruit smoothie with chia                                                          73,-Kč

Cocktail Goji – elixir for jung                                                 69,-Kč

Cocktail Rakytnik – for stimulate live                                    55,-Kč

Cucumber smoothie with herbs                                              59,-Kč

Fresh lemonade with fruit ( melon, strawberry, …)              39,-Kč

Strawberries fire with oranges                                               63,-Kč

Eldeberies  wind with pineapple                                            63,-Kč