List of drinks

You may to ask by weitress for contents allergy raw-materials.


Hot drinks:

Tea                                                                                             35,-Kč

(black, fruit)

Tea loose                                                                                   45,-Kč

(ginger with cinnamon, lemon grass, mint, rooibos,green, mathe.

Tea blooming                                                                             45,-Kč

(you can pour on water twice)

Tea with reishi ( reishi is mushroom, antioxidants)                   49,-Kč

Nescafé                                                                                     31,-Kč

Ayurveda coffee                                                                        35,-Kč

Wiener coffee                                                                           45,-Kč

Ice coffee with whipped cream                                                 45,-Kč

Ice coffee with ice cream and whipped cream                         57,-Kč

Ayurveda ice coffee whipped cream                                        45,-Kč

Espresso large 60ml                                                                 35,-Kč

Espresso piccolo 30ml                                                              35,-Kč

Cofee with reishi       ( reishi is mushroom, antioxidants)          45,-Kč

Cofee with reishi and vegetables cream                                  47,-Kč

Maca with reishi cream                                                              49,-Kč

Espresso macchiato                                                                  45,-Kč

Espresso macchiato with vegetables milk                               49,-Kč

Latte Matcha ( green Matcha tea-energi and detox)                   49,-Kč

Cappuccino                                                                                45,-Kč

Green coffee Brazil                                                                   39,-Kč

Green coffe with witloof                                                            39,-Kč

Hot Italian chocolate                                                                49,-Kč

(dark, milk, with chillies, cinnamon, ginger, coconut)

 (with ground nuts or almonds or coconut)

Hot chocolate with whipped cream                                        54,-Kč

Hot Fruits punch                                                                       39,-Kč

( from 100% juise with punches spice)

Cream                                                                                        7,-Kč

Honey                                                                                        6,-Kč


Cold drinks:  It is possible to add ice to each drink on request


Water ( 0,5l)                                                                               20,-Kč

Rakytnik juice(0,25l)                                                                29-Kč

Mineral water Soluky with minerals Ca,I,K,F,Fe,I…             25,-Kč


Mauer organic fruit drink 100% 0,3l                                       45,-Kč

Santal fruit drink 100% 0,25l                                                  33,-Kč


Non-alcoholic beer: 0,5l                                                            29,-Kč

New barley with green wheat /0,2l                                           39,-Kč

Kombucha                                                                                  45,-Kč

(green tea, rosehip tea /0,5l/

Juice poured  0,1l                                                                      12,-Kč

(apple, orange, pineapple, strawberry /0,1l)


Must 100% juice                                                                         35,-Kč

(without sugar and preservatives apple , 0,2l)

Fresh vegetable juice                                                                47,-Kč

(beetroot, carrot and celeriac /0,2l/ or tomatoes, cucumber,...

Fresh fruit juice                                                                         49,-Kč

(apple, orange, seasonal fruit for example melon, strawberries, pear, /0,2l/)


Non-alcoholic wine                                                                  235,-Kč

(of your choice  /0,75l/)



Mixes cocktails fresh- for health

Mojito                                                                                        55,-Kč

(lime, melon, blackberry, strawberry)

Gojito ( mojito with goji juice)                                                   69,-Kč

Cocos koktejl                                                                              55,-Kč

Ginger elixir                                                                                 54,-Kč

Fruit smoothie with chia                                                            73,-Kč

Cocktail Goji – elixir for jung                                                     63,-Kč

Cocktail Rakytnik – for stimulate live                                       51,-Kč

Cucumber smoothie with herbs                                                55,-Kč

Juice Fresh ( acaico and fresh fruit juice)                                79,-Kč

Juice from Reinforest ( Acaico and apple juice)                     69,-Kč

Fresh lemonade with fruit ( melon, strawberry, …)                59,-Kč

Cocktail with ice cream                                                             39,-Kč


Ice cream and cups:  home made ice cream

Serving scoop                                                                                              12,-Kč

Cornet                                                                                                             2,-Kč

Cornet wafel                                                                                                      4,-Kč

Cocktail with ice cream( milk, 2 scoops)                                                        39,-Kč

Cups with ice cream(3 scoops, cream, chocolate frosting)                           54,-Kč

Cups with ice cream and fruit( 3 scoops, fruit, cream)                                  63,-Kč

Clown cups with ice cream( 3 scoops, fruit, cream, chocolate bonbons)   69,-Kč

Banana split    ( 3 scoops, cream, banana, nuts, chocolate frosting)          65,-Kč

Strawberries cups with almonds ( 3 scoops,strawberries, honey, cream, almonds)  69,-Kč

Kiwi cups with chocolate ( 3 scoops,kiwi, cream, chocolate frosting)                        67,-Kč

Pineapples cups with cream( 3 scoops, pineapples, cream, caramel frosting)        69,-Kč

Hot raspberry with eis cream                                                                                          69,-Kč








Brief information to some drinks offered in the restaurant


Ginger tea

The ginger is freshly ground with honey; poured on with water; it has slightly fiery taste, antibacterial effects, it encourages immunity, warms the organism up, it is prevention against a cold and helps quick regeneration during a cold; it is useful against sickness and as a remedy for stomach and it helps digestion


Lemon grass tea

Delicately lemon aroma and taste; it has antioxidant, antimycotic, antibacterial and antivirus effects; it encourages digestive tract function and harmonizes central neural system, lymphatic system and strengthens vascular system and haematic production.


Blooming tea

Made by hand from green tea leaves and flower leaves; after pouring on with water the bloom  opens into a beautiful shape; it is possible to pour it on with water more times – it can be done even 3x; it has great antioxidant effects and encourages proper function of digestive tract


Herbal tea and blended loose tea

Various tea blends that make together harmonious taste and aroma; loose tea is a delicious refreshing drink; have a good influence on digestion and infusion of useful substances into the body by content of herb fruit or blooms; you can choose in daily offer at the bar


Green barley

Refreshing green drink made of green barley and wheat shoots; it contains plenty of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bioflavonoid, chlorophyll and other substances useful for metabolism, revitalization and protection, encourages digestion and absorption of nutrients; it has antioxidant properties, contains vitamins C, E and has detoxicating abilities; the content of nutritional worth in a glass is comparable with 1kg fresh bio vegetables



made from quality sweetened tea during mushroom Kombucha growing; within a few days the mushroom transforms the tea into a rich saturated dink; it contains many vitamins and minerals including vitamin of the group C,B, elements iron, magnesium and other ones; encourages digestion


Ayurveda coffee

Decaffeinated coffee with content of ayurveda herbs that encourage digestion, lipid absorption and gives life energy


Fresh vegetable juice

Made from fresh raw vegetables in a professional juice extractor in the kitchen of our restaurant; the juice is an excellent food supplement for its content of vitamins, minerals and fresh nutrition; it is without thermal preparation and does not contain nitrates after juice extracting; it is great for convalescence after any illness and as prevention as well; in addition it has delightful taste; we recommend the combination of vegetables: carrot, beetroot and celeriac


Fresh fruit juice

Made from fresh raw fruit in a professional juice extractor in the kitchen of our restaurant; the juice is rich in various vitamins and especially vitamin C; it is without any thermal preparation and has delightful taste; we usually offer apple or orange juice but we also include seasonal fruit by season of the year for example water melon and other kinds



Concentrated tonic drink with herbal extracts; it contains concentrates from apple, grapes, rose hip, red and black rowanberry, the root of Mandžus Aralia  (Siberia ginseng), the root of Eleuterokok (for immunity); sweetened with glucose; it is suitable for habitual drinking and for convalescence as well; it is sufficient to be drunk 1x to 2x  per day



Concentrated tonic drink with herbal extracts; it consists of concentrates from apple, morello (sour cherry), rose hip, red and black rowanberry, the root of Mandžus Aralia  (Siberia ginseng), the root of Eleuterokok (for immunity); ferrous glycerophosphate, potassic glycerophosphate, calciferous glycerophosphate, glucose, vitamin B- pyridoxine


Dealcoholized wine

Made from quality wine of one sort; the alcohol from the wine is eliminated by special careful method but the wine preserves its aroma and taste; suitable for wine sympathizers that cannot drink or do not want to drink alcohol


Fruit with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, vitamin C, betacarotens, omega 3, ….for health, jung age, skin, sight.



Fruit with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, vitamin C.

For stimulate live and health.